MK walked up to Mr. Waite and said, “I’ve got an idea.”

“Who’s going to have to do it?” Mr. Waite replied.

She said, “Probably Julie.  She’s the Prez.”

It was true the year was 2027 and Julie had become president of the United Congress of Earth.  Her Vice Prez, MK, had appointed a supreme court from her former I.C. classmates – Nathaniel, Lauren, Morgan, Hannah and the Olivias.  They had been reorganizing the laws of the land to make life better for all. They had appointed Billy in charge of law and order, so Billy had in turn appointed Perry, Luke, and Joseph as his assistants.  They had a big job, and since weapons were not allowed, they just ran around the planet yelling at people.

The future was crazy.  People had embraced a new technology developed by Nick that implanted memories into peoples’ brains.  This required that someone write the programs.

Faith and Ginny signed on because their musical career was floundering – they needed the bucks.  Their managers, Eleni and Hunter, were keeping hope alive saying, “Just hang in there. We’re going to make you stars.  What instruments do you play again?”

They were in contact with media honcho, Emma, who was CEO of Planet Media, the biggest corporation in music, video, and news.  Emma had made her fortune in holograms.  “People only cost us money,” she had said.  So, much of the broadcasting was animation.  However, the most popular show in daytime was “Here’s Anna!”.  Anna had the biggest names in entertainment on and she would get them laughing uncontrollably with her, then she would turn to the camera and say, “Wasn’t that just terrible?” and the audience would scream in delight. 

While the entertainment revolution was going on, a social revolution was also happening.  The Sams had started a movement in which they were teaching people how never to remember important things.  It was the key to breaking the established order.  Pretty soon everyone was saying, “I forget.  I’m sorry, I didn’t know.  I don’t remember.”  The world started to crumble and chaos loomed.  The Sams were working with another subversive group that included Nathan, Jacob, Vince, and Stephen.  Their motto was “If we don’t show up, nothing will happen”.  Needless to say, their group was not very effective.

Times were ripe for spying and hacking.  Devon hired the law firm of John V., Caroline P., and Emily C. to protect her rights to the neuro-surgery innovations she had created.  Corporate hackers and spies all over the world were trying to steal her ideas.  Her procedure was so important; the world government was stepping in.  They had called in the World Navy Seals.

Joe B. was the pilot of the ship that was coming in to dock to pick up the Seals.  He was very erratic as he was studying lines for a part on Broadway he was hoping to land, “Star Wars, Baby”.  Mr. Kersey was the writer and director, and every major actor was hoping to land a part.  Carson, one of the Seals, got tired of waiting for the ship and dove into the sea to board.  Meanwhile…in another part of town…

Megan worked as an agent for many of the stars, including Joe, David, and Patty.  She made lots of money for her clients by laughing loudly at every initial employment offer, and the fee would inevitably increase.

While all the political intrigue was going on, live performance was still a huge part of life in the future.  Megan had decided to hire promoter, Andy, to make sure a crowd would show.  Andy’s motto was, “Never smile until you see the money.”

The main performer at the show was world-famous DJ, Izzy.  Going by the name of Crazy Izzy, she had captured the imagination of millions with her mixes.  She had hired some of the best dancers, the Chloes, Jessica, Eric E, and Sydney.  And man, could they shake a tailfeather!

On the day of the show the atmosphere was tense and full of excitement.  What most didn’t know was that this was a world government set-up to try to smoke out the hackers.  The word was that they were going to try to get into Izzy’s computer, and then steal Devon’s neuro-surgery process.  Devon had thought that storing it on Izzy’s dance tracks would be a good idea, but the hackers had found out.

Out in the lobby, Jesse was monitoring the concessions.  He had made a fortune in the industry by supplying food for concerts.  People loved to see him laughing and jumping around maniacally as they made him rich by buying snacks.  Flora was there too, interviewing Isaac and Carolyn, who were singers in the show.  “Why do you sing when you could just dance?” she asked.  They just looked at her, and she moved on.

“Sam, I am”

“No, I am”

It was the Sams milling around outside trying to get people to forget things, but little did people know, it was all really a front.  The Sams were working for the government, and were there to catch the hackers.  They received a call from Ragan, who was their lookout across the street.  “Still nothing happening here,” she said.  “OK”, said Sam K. “That’s the same thing you said the last hundred times you’ve called.  Take a break.”  So Ragan did, and practiced her opera singing.

It was time for the show to start.  The first group on the bill was Matt on the mic., Grace on keys, Erik P. on guitar, and Alex on bass.  The crowd went nuts!  Matt was jumping around on stage and sliding for hundreds of feet on his stomach.  The stage had been greased to produce an even greater effect.  Not to be outdone, Alex would also throw his bass in the air, take a slide, and catch it before it came down.

Down in the basement of the theater, Annie, another secret operative, was on the phone with Jim.  Jim and all the members of the World Congress wanted the scoop on what was going on.  Annie was always their go-to gal.  She had her phone, a walkie-talkie, and a micro-chip in her brain sending her thoughts out to the World Congress computers.  She was there with two of the World Congress enforcers, Bella and Josie.  They had been trained in the art of combat and were a formidable team.  They were both fast and mean. 


Suddenly, things were starting to move.  This was it!  Could they save the planet from the dastardly hackers and protect Devon’s copyright?  Bella called Josie, Josie called Annie, Annie called Jim, Jim called Nathaniel, Nathaniel called Lauren, Lauren called Morgan, Morgan called Hannah, and Hannah called the Olivias. The Olivias called MK, MK called Julie, Julie called The Pope, who talked to God, Who decided enough was enough.  And He, of course, is always right – and enough IS enough.

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