Making a Table in HTML


  1. Open up Notepad to create a new web page.
  2. Type in your main page tags:
  3. <HTML>


<TR><TD>cut and paste poem here</TD><TD>images go here</TD></TR>




This table has one row and two cells:



The cells change size depending on what is inside.  Larger fonts and images will mean larger cells.


  1. After each line of your poem, you will need to place a line break tag:<br>
  2. After each stanza (paragraph) use a <p> tag
  3. Select images that help to illustrate your poem.
  4. Use <br> tags after each image to keep images vertical
  5.  (<img src=”image name.jpg”>)
  6. If you need to resize images, use the image editor in the folder of that name (in the “student” folder on the “p” drive)
  7. When you have everything in place, click “save as” and save it as “table.htm” in your portfolio folder (or whatever file name you choose.)

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