Build a web site!

1. Basic page code



Your text goes here. If you just want a simple page, you can use the "save as HTML" feature in MicroSoft Word. It is not a good idea to build complex pages or pages with a lot of graphics that way, because Word is very unpredictable. It's great for easily saving a text document for web use.


2. Basic link code

<a href="page.html">click here for page!</a>

This code is for any page in the same folder as the page where the link is found.

<a href="">click here for page!</a>

This code is for external links (pages outside the folder where your site files are).

3. Image code

<img src="image.jpg">

4. Other useful tags

<br> line break

<p> paragraph



The main page (home page) in a folder should be titled "index.html". Your folder should be named with your first name and last initial, no spaces, and all lower case.


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