Project “Super Star”

You are a writer and an artist of many talents. You have decided to put a musical performance group
together to take the world by storm. Your job is to write a complete description of your group so that
some of the best managers and producers in the industry will want to work with you.
You will need to come up with the following:

1. Group name
2. Members’ names and brief biography of each (do not have to be real names or real biography)
3. Description of the group’s music/sound/performance along with what makes it unique
and what type of audience it will appeal to.
4. Song titles – the names of the songs on your first recorded release (at least 10)
5. Sample song lyrics from at least two of the songs
6. For extra credit you may include the complete lyrics for one song and/or your group logo
and/or your album/CD cover.

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