1st line or sentence must have a color in it.

2nd line/sentence must have the name of a town (real or imaginary).

3rd line/sentence must mention the weather.

4th line/sentence must begin with "I wish".

5th line/sentence begins with "next year at this time..."

6th line/sentence mentions a person by name (real or imaginary).

Example of Recipe Poem:

Dreaming at the Jewel, Mist Junction

The chartreuse ribbon languishes

in hair streaked grey

while the mainstreet of Jewel sleeps

a slate dream,

sometimes green,

sometimes silver washed in sleet.

I wish I could travel

and sit silent

in one place.

If I stay, she never comes.

If I go, I miss her face.

Next year at this time, the town of Mist will meet

MaryAnna with a chartreuse ribbon at her feet.

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