Upon choosing a saint’s name, you will be asked to write a research paper about the life of your

chosen saint and why you decided upon that particular saint.


Why do we choose saint’s names for Confirmation?

At Confirmation we deepen our commitment to the Church and our faith. As a symbol of this change

in our lives we choose for ourselves a ‘new name.’ We look to the saints to be models for our own

lives, and we know that we are able to ask them to pray for us. So we use a saint’s name for two


1) We choose the name of a saint we want to be like.

2) We choose a saint that we want to honor, and who we want to pray for us.


Some approved Websites for Saint Research:









Use these questions to help write your Saint Paper:

ı When and Where was your saint born?

ı What did your saint do for a living?

ı Did they go through a conversion?

ı What made your saint special?

ı Why is this person a saint?

ı What was their relationship with Jesus like?

ı Why did you choose this saint?

ı How do you want your life to be like theirs?

ı Name one quality of your saint that you want for yourself.

ı How will this saint help you grow in your relationship with God?

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