General Writing Rubric










A. Organization/

Evidence of Writing Process

No evidence of editing

Poor organization; little or incorrect editing

Student shows some evidence of organization and editing but still lacks clarity

Student presents ideas in logical sequence; evidence of solid editing

Information in logical, interesting sequence; evidence of superior editing (applying strong language skills)

B. Applies correct usage & mechanics

Many fragments/grammar errors; multiple misspellings

Grammar & spelling errors distract from content

Grammar and spelling errors very evident but do not detract from content.

Work is mostly free of grammar & spelling errors

Work demonstrates superior command of grammar and spelling rules

C. Writing for Purpose

Work shows no evidence of accomplishment of stated purpose

Work attempts to establish purpose but is unclear or unsuccessful

Work establishes purpose, but has difficulty achieving it.

Work establishes purpose and achieves it.

Work establishes & achieves purpose strongly and with accomplished style

D. Neatness

Work is Illegible.

Work has five or more areas that are sloppy.

Work has three or four areas that are sloppy

Work has one or two areas that are sloppy.

Work is neatly done.

E. Vocabulary & Spelling

Basic words choices; No application of vocabulary; incorrect word choices; misspellings distract from content

Some evidence of vocabulary choices; poor word choices.; misspellings occur throughout the piece

Some evidence of vocabulary usage beyond basic word choices. No incorrect word usage. Some misspelling in evidence.

Good word choices; Word choices that improve the clarity and readability; minimal evidence of misspelling

Evidence of vocabulary usage beyond grade level; Word choices reflecting a sophisticated use of language. No misspellings


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